A purposeful and determined journey

Climate-neutral transport is an essential part of a balanced world. The road to reach all the way is long and winding, and no one can do everything. But everyone can do something. We at Key Logistics always strive to get better at what we do. Not least in sustainability, where our goal is to achieve 100% climate neutrality together with you, our customer. Humble before the task, we work long-term and purposefully with various measures to achieve the goal.

The most sustainable option

A central part of the sustainability work in transport is choosing the most climate-smart alternative. Just by choosing boat freight instead of flight, you reduce 98% of emissions. Freight by train means a 90% reduction compared to flights.

We help you plan the shipping and choose the best option for each part of the journey. We work independently for you in relation to all major logistics companies. Thereby, we can combine the best and most sustainable alternatives into a tailor-made solution for you.

Calculate climate impact

When we have found the best solution, we calculate the climate impact of the transport to be able to compensate for it. We also work with filling all containers. Transporting air in half-empty containers is a very poor environmental choice.

We plant trees

In collaboration with the Swedish help organization, Läkarmissionen, we plant trees in the Awassa region of Ethiopia. In this way, we compensate for the climate impact we cannot yet eliminate. Tree planting also has the benefit of contributing building material, firewood, and fruit to poor families. It provides shade and moisturizes the soil, improving the harvests and the food supply. Often it even provides a surplus for the farmers to sell to get money for clothes, improved living conditions, and education. Poverty reduction is an essential part of the global climate and environmental work.

A long-term endeavor

It will take a long-term commitment and hard work to reach the goals set in the industry, but every step in the right direction takes us a little bit closer. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable world. Let’s sit down and talk about what we can do together.