We tailor your all-inclusive shipping

Most times, you don’t just need to order boat shipping or customs clearance, or road transport. You want goods delivered all the way from point A to point B in a comprehensive transport chain that includes customs clearance and insurance. If point A is a factory in China and point B is your warehouse in Skövde, there will be a few steps to manage. The same is true if you are shipping something large and bulky to the other side of the world. Or if you need to build an export network. We can handle it for you.

We tailor a cost-effective, flexible solution for the entire transport chain, with the best combination of sea, air, road, or rail. We also keep you updated on where your goods are and what happens along the way. We monitor and supervise so you don’t have

to, but you still maintain complete control. Thanks to our independence and that we work for you in relation to all the major logistics companies, we can combine the best from different shipping companies and carriers into a tailor-made solution.