Your external dispatching & logistics department

We are the forwarding company that handles all parts of your shipping needs. We have spent decades gathering knowledge and experience and building an extensive network. You can do that too. Or you can focus on your business instead.

With us as your external resource, the threshold for importing from the Far East will be considerably lower. Our contacts are your contacts, just like our knowledge is yours. You have no connections in China? You know nothing about shipping chains? Don’t worry. We’ll provide tailor-made solutions, whether you run a one-person company from your basement or a department store chain with thousands of employees.

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About us

Key Logistics is a medium sized privately owned logistic company. We are active in most markets around the world but have an extra focus on imports from the Far East.

With the help of the developed skills of Key Logistics staff, we have refined the company to become a personal logistic agent that takes an overall approach of your transportation needs.

Our staff has extensive expertise of the industry that includes experiences from all transport variations. It gives us a span that is unique in our industry today. The range of our expertise gives customers an invaluable sense of security in knowing that we can always offer a competitive product no matter if it is: sea, air, road, courier or cargo.

Our main element is the lake, from the water we continue with air and transport by land to find the best and most affordable transportation solution for our customers. Our services include a weekly joint loading from major ports in Asia. We work with an extensive network of partners around the world, these partners take care of your cargo out of the destination.

Our values

We want to be there for you as your long-term, committed, reliable and personal partner. In transport solutions, that is. This is how we view our core values:

With Long-term, we mean we are with you all the way. In collaborations stretching over many years, where we always look out for your best interest.

Our Commitment means that there is always someone to call who handles your shipping, so you don’t have to wear yourself out or stay awake at night. No matter what happens, we’re on the ball.

We believe in Reliability and we make sure you always know what’s going on. Is my shipment stuck in the Suez Canal? Are there no containers available in Shanghai? Are all flights canceled due to volcanic eruptions? We work hard to find alternative solutions and keep you updated.

In the word Personality we add our closeness to you as a customer and that we become part of your business. We can function as your external logistics department that understands which tailor-made solutions suits your business the best.